What’s carrot cake without cream cheese icing, I hear you ask? Very average, that’s what.

Which is why I’ve come up with a delicious velvety -smooth labneh icing, full of the gut-loving probiotics and protein of Greek yogurt and the taste and texture of cream cheese. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.


500g labneh

Aquafaba of 1 tin of chickpeas

Zest and juice of 1 lime

2 tbs honey


Whip aquafaba into stiff peaks with an electric beater.

In a separate bowl, whip labneh, honey and lime until well combined. Adding a few tablespoons of the whipped aquafaba at a time, whip until smooth, and repeat.

Once you’ve combined around half of the aquafaba, fold the rest in with a spatula. The end result should be glossy, silky-smooth and fluffy, and similar in consistency to a Swiss buttercream.

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